What do you know, Silly girl? A captive of heart. Half a history and words on the street.  Collecting theories, jargon, and people that reflect on your nifty, preexisting assumptions. One reason but both happiness and sorrow overwhelming you. Life is good and if there is nothing on your plate, by all means seize and add some- social media rants(public opinion/the cha-chings), who sells the soul the best, or the dream you had of somebody discerning something horrendous(a comment on dress sense?). Take a couple of photos, exclusively to be shared among many that you don’t have a photo with. One with the books, because the nice props and a humble demarcation of ‘I, an intellect, read’, or a photo of the food because basic human needs are ‘fancy’, or a photo of yourself to suggest that beauty standards are irrelevant so dazzle with the overused empowerment.