I’d hold back the words

if it’s the breath before the kiss

tracing the lines,

losing track of time

Mingling between my lemon perfume

shackled to a wicked game;

sin on skin.

Clutching the moonlight and shattering into star-dust



Opposite of Us

One day you saw me for who I am;
other side of the coin
The you-can-have-it-all-but-want-melancholy
against the sheer impulse to be happy.
That I was right when I said
People look sad when they smile;
you simply have look into their eyes.
When you said I should love myself
To love anyone else
but what if
people we love so deeply could make us love ourselves?
Oh my ugly words
Wallowing in all what you don’t want to hear
my fatigue over your interpretations;
Making me the opposite of you,
Opposite of us.


Twenty and a seventeen


As we watched the crashing waves, sunset

Rebuking a kid for throwing his toy to the sea,

Joking about the rats near the beach have a room with a view,

Wondered what an year;

How many things changed, altered but remains the same

Been through enough but lived less

That online dating is just repulsive fish in a basket

Then we kept looking at the sea, and I the stars

Parting as we promised to meet more often,

Knowing the lack of probability.